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What side of YOUR brain is more dominant?

Pam has been working alongside Jeff for the past 10 years since Jeff Bender Professional Corporation began and has gained an appreciation for and a solid understanding of bookkeeping and tax (definitely a left-brain focused area with analytical and methodical thinking).

In order to keep the right-side of her brain happy (the side more responsible for creativity), Pam has always enjoyed refinishing furniture – taking a piece that looks like it has seen much better days and giving it new life with new paint.

Two years ago, this appreciation for restoration and her love for interior design, led her to work part-time at Home and Cottages, a locally owned small business offering boutique home décor products and services in the beautiful Edmonton neighbourhood of Strathearn. (

Home and Cottages is passionate about the art of redefined style - taking some of what you already have and mixing it with a new approach and a few fresh touches. It is a fun place to visit to discover something special for your own home, find a gift for someone, or obtain some design advice. Part of Pam’s talents there include providing custom furniture painting for clients.

You already know how we at Jeff Bender Professional Corporation strive to take the stress off the left-side of your brain through our tax and accounting services. Come visit Pam at Home and Cottages to see the place that makes the right-side of her brain come alive. After all, whether the left-side of your brain or the right-side of your brain is dominant, we all know that accountants are never happier than when balance is achieved!


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