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Fun Facts About Jeff

We want to let you in on a few fun facts about Jeff. You all know him as a personable and professional accountant, but here is maybe what you don’t know.

Recently he has gotten into candles. He usually has at least one candle burning at his desk while he works. Some are scented. One is a beeswax candle which apparently helps to clean the air as it burns. There may be some cheap Ikea candles burning too, just to provide a calming atmosphere for work.

Tea or coffee? Black tea. Chai from Remedy Café is the best. He doesn’t drink coffee.

Best way to stay both sane and healthy: Running trails in the river valley.

Favorite author: John Eldredge

Wishes he could do more: Waterski

Squeeze the toothpaste from bottom or middle: Bottom, of course. Keep it tidy.


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