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2023 Personal Income Tax Checklist

Each taxpayer must complete the following:

Are you a Canadian citizen?
Do you choose to provide your information to Elections Canada so that they can update their voters list?
I agree to use email as an acceptable form of communication with JBPC for my personal tax return. Please use the below email address provided.
Would you like to register to receive online mail with CRA, if you have not already done so?
Has your address changed in the last year?
Did you own foreign property (real estate or investment) at any time in 2023 with a total cost of more than $100,000 CAN?
Did you dispose of any property in 2023 for which you are claiming a principal residence exemption (e.g. sold the house you live in)?
Do you, or a dependent, qualify for the disability tax credit?
What was your marital status on December 31, 2023?
Did your marital status change during the tax year?
Do you have new dependent children?
Guideline for documents to provide - check all that apply:

Thanks for submitting!

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